The TEFL and Marketing Internship with TEFL in Spain

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The TEFL and Marketing Internship with TEFL in Spain

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The TEFL and Marketing Internship with TEFL in Spain

Name: Kristina Csajkova

 Age: 23

Nationality: Slovak

Before my TEFL course:

I have been studying at the Vienna University of Economics and Business and am currently finishing my master’s degree in economics. Therefore, I am still a student who enjoys traveling when possible. I’m from Slovakia where I used to live. Due to my full-time studies, it was never possible for me to have even a part-time job, so I opted for tutoring English. I have been giving private classes for 4 years now and I really enjoyed them. I started with teaching friends and acquaintances and it took me some time to see what worked and what didn’t. 

Why I chose Malaga: 

Some changes in my personal life made me realize that I would like to travel more, experience living abroad and working in an international environment, thus teaching English seemed like a perfect option. I did some research online, before I chose TEFL in Spain, but I quickly understood that the Trinity CertTESOL course was accredited by Trinity College London and recognized by employers worldwide (while for instance online TEFL courses are not). I then realised that TEFL in Spain also offered a TEFL & Marketing Internship in beautiful Malaga city upon completion of the course which is what I am currently doing.

My TEFL experience:

I’ve took the 6-week course option and I absolutely loved it! I keep saying that to everyone, because it has been the best course I’ve ever done! At the beginning we didn’t know what to expect, everything was new to us, but our tutors and staff at TEFL in Spain were more than helpful. I didn’t feel overwhelmed or stressed at any point as I always felt supported, I also owe thanks to the support of my peers – we were an awesome group, we helped each other, and we had such a fun time together. Now that the course is over and we all are qualified teachers, we still keep in touch on Whatsapp and from time to time we also meet in Málaga.

The input sessions we received from our tutors played a huge role in our development as teachers – I’ve never learned so much in such a short period of time and in such an interesting way. Both Megan and Andy are very skilled and experienced tutors were always happy to help us and answer our endless questions. 

Funny moments:

It was not funny at that moment, but now it is an entertaining story to tell, I guess. It was Monday, week 2, I walked into the school all happy and motivated to learn, but what I hadn’t realized was that I was teaching the very first lesson that morning at 9am, I had completely  forgotten about it! When you are just starting to learn about how to write lesson plans and how to structure the class – this is not great! I went straight to see Andy, our tutor, whom I barely knew at this point: “Hey Andy, my name is Kristina and I forgot I’m teaching today. What should I do? I haven’t planned anything, I don’t have any materials ready, neither my lesson plan.” What a way to present yourself to your tutor, right?! But he stayed very calm and resolved the situation by arranging for my colleagues to teach first so I could have an hour to prepare and teach the second class of the day. In the end, it was a very successful lesson, but everybody made fun of me for quite some time afterwards, calling me the master of improvisation 

Teacher development:

I took the teacher development extension coursesafter my TESOL course and then started the TEFL & Marketing Internship. I am also teaching Slovak as the unknown language to our new TEFL trainees. I am currently teaching English to a variety of levels from young learners to adults. Teaching unobserved (as I am now an accredited teacher) is a totally different experience all together and I love it!. As part of the internship I am also part of the Marketing & EventsTeam – we organize fun events for the new TEFL trainees from rooftop drinks to beach barbecues. This way trainees can socialize outside the classroom and get to know each other a bit better. To tell the truth – it´s a dream job ?


My future plans:

I’d like to stay in Spain for a year at least as I still need to finish my master thesis. Malaga is a great city to live in, the weather is perfect and there are so many things to do.But once I’m done with that, I’d like to explore the world and try teaching in different countries, including Asia. My dream is to experience Australia too, so I really hope I will have a chance one day. Being an accredited teacher gives you so many options, so I really want to use them. At TEFL in Spain they also offer a full careers servicein the final week of the course. This was a 2-hour workshop to help us with writing our CV and cover letter. We also looked at where and how to find jobs and discussed the types of teaching work available to us as accredited English teachers. I also loved that there was a Facebook group where the training centre post new job vacancies each day for us!

The start of an adventurous journey:

Definitely! I guess everyone who has done the course would confirm that it is such an enriching experience. It doesn’t only give you the opportunity to be a teacher (which for many people means being able to consider a complete career change), but it also changes who you are too. You become more confident through the support given by the tutors and peers. You also become more organized as you need to meet the deadlines of the assignments and plan every lesson ahead. Above all, you become a happier and more satisfied person due to realizing how much you have accomplished. Completing the TEFL course is only the beginning…this is the start of the adventurous journey and my new life ? 

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