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Read what our graduates say about our Trinity TESOL course in Malaga!

Fransie Groenendijk
I did the Blended 6-week course (first part online, second part face-to-face). It was intense (late nights, early mornings), but very interesting and rewarding. I truly learned a lot. The teachers are very good and friendly (a special thanks to my tutors Susan, Megan and Iza). I specifically liked the blended course, because we got the opportunity to do both online (on Zoom) and face-to-face teacher practice with real and very nice students. The academy in Malaga is lovely and the staff is very helpful. Although it is a demanding course, I really enjoyed it. Miriam (the director) is very kind and helpful. So I highly recommend this course/academy!
Daniel Sparey
I have just completed my Trinity CertTESOL certificate (10 week blended). I would definitely recommend Tefl in Spain to anyone seeking a career in teaching English!
Though challenging at times, I have thoroughly enjoyed the entire course. The training has been first class and the tutors and staff extremely supportive.
The centre in Malaga has a friendly and welcoming feel to it, with bright and spacious classrooms to teach in.
A big thumbs up all round!
Matthew Roehl
I completed the Online Blended Trinity CertTESOL at TEFL in Spain in September. This has been a difficult year, but I'm grateful the school was able to adapt the schedule and allow for us to complete the course. I really appreciate the tutors, especially Megan, for great support and guidance. My growth as a teacher was more than expected. Thank you again.
Sava Vuchkov
I took the Online Trinity CertTESOL and it truly was one of a kind experience and I'm more than happy that I took part in it! It was very demanding but totally worth it! Met so many wonderful people - both tutors and trainees. I am definitely recommending this course provider if you are looking to advance your career in teaching!
I very much enjoyed my 5 week TEFL course. Whilst there was a lot of hard work to do in terms of assignments and teaching practice preparation, I found time to enjoy most of the sightseeing highlights of Málaga, including the castle, a boat tour and various tapas bars! I would definitely encourage anyone considering teaching to give it a try, especially as you receive a huge amount of support and guidance from the staff here! I particularly enjoyed the opportunities to teach English and practise speaking Spanish with my new Spanish friends, who I met during my teaching practice sessions.
I had read previous testimonials so I knew it would be challenging, and it was. However, it was totally worth it and I would do it again in a heartbeat!
UK, 48
If you think by doing this course you can spend five weeks on the beach, think again. This is a lot of work but so rewarding. Do it, you will not regret it.
French, 33
It was a very intense course but totally worth it. The support received during and after the course was invaluable. Do it!
UK, 22
My TESOL experience was intense but really enjoyable and rewarding! 100% worth it.
Italian, 26
The course was really intense, but enjoyable at the same time. I've learned new and interesting things about teaching, and I also gained new friends. This course builds your passion for teaching. I advise everyone interested in being a teacher to do it. The hard work will reward you!
New Zealander / Dutch, 26
When beginning my Trinity CertTESOL course I didn't know what to expect and was secretly hoping for 5 weeks of summer. Although we had time to enjoy the beach and unwind in lovely Malaga - The course did push me out of my comfort zone. Nearer the end of the course, the workload was tough but manageable if kept on top of the assignments. Despite the ups and downs I really enjoyed this course and it has taught me alot about myself and the English language. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in languages, teaching and travel. The transferable skills you learn make this course an amazing opportunity for all.
Dutch, 36
I enjoyed this 5-week course more than I expected. Beforehand, I was a bit sceptical if it would be challenging enough (since I have a PhD and work experience) but I really learned a lot, really developed myself professionally and benefitted so much from all the feedback. This course is varied, intense, catered to specific needs and I felt encouraged to do my best. I gained much content knowledge and developed relevant teaching skills. Now, I feel confident to start a new career as an English Teacher. I'd really recommend this course. The tutors go above and beyond their call of duty to do their best for everyone.

My TEFL experience was like a baptism in fire but I have risen like a phoenix from the ashes with a tonne more of skills and knowledge.


Intense, it's definitely a lot of work, there were moments when I felt I would never make it, but the tutors and the other trainees were a huge help.


My TEFL experience was intense but incredible. I have learnt so much about teaching English and also about myself. I have never felt so focussed and driven and I felt energised and motivated to start my career teaching English.


A fantastic two month course, amazing tutors and I met friends for life on this intense but enjoyable course! I also booked my accommodation with Tefl-in-Spain and it was perfect in an ideal location close to the school. There isn't a better place to study than beautiful Malaga, I wish I could do it all over again!


My TEFL experience was intense, a massive learning curve, but equally one of the most fulfilling times of my life. It's a huge achievement and a huge personal development.


My TEFL experience was challenging but I learned so much in a short amount of time. It was a great learning curve with fantastic help along the way. I would do it again


My TEFL experience was truly amazing. I learned more about myself in these 4 weeks than at any other point in my life. I have grown both personally and professionally and I will take what I have learned with me for the rest of my life. The trainers were unbelievably supportive and approachable, in these 4 weeks a very strong rapport was built. Without such support, the course wouldn't have been possible to complete.

Dutch, 28
It was really good, very worthwhile!
Spanish, 44
The trainers were super professional and supportive. They also made the input sessions very interesting and engaging.
Spanish, 27
Absolutely lovely. I must admit that I wasn't sure what to expect from it at the beginning but it's given me an irreplaceable memory. The teachers have been supportive and helpful throughout the whole course and the other trainees were lovely people dedicated to teaching. If I had to, I would do this all over again without a second thought.
British, 28
Challenging but also extremely rewarding. I have learnt so much in the past 8 weeks which I know will be very helpful in my teaching career.
Italian, 57
An unexpected surprise! I would repeat the experience again!
British, 53
Was fantastic, a big challenge but what a worthwhile experience.
British, 57
In a nutshell, intense, challenging and incredibly rewarding. Even though it was the eight week 'part-time' course it was incredibly intense and the workload means you have to hunker down but the doors that open for you make it so worthwhile.
Italian, 55
Very interesting but at the same time very rewarding. I have learned so much. I am ready to start my new career as an English teacher with the tools and knowledge to succeed. The teachers were very supportive and encouraging at all times. Yes, it was intense but a lot of fun too!
Italian, 46
Make no mistake about it, even the part-time course is very intense and will require you to stretch way beyond your comfort zone to expand your skills, ability, and knowledge. Make sure you stay on track and don't fall behind. Some feedback will feel like salt on a raw wound but that's a necessity if you want to move forward. I recognize I was a bit of a recalcitrant student but if your question is: was it worth it? Absolutely! Tutors are fantastic and can't thank them enough. Amazing experience. Go for it!
British, 25
I am so pleased that I finally studied the course. It has been one of the most challenging yet rewarding and enjoyable things I have ever done! I have learned so much in such a short time frame. The course is so well run, you can rest assured that you're in the best place to train as a successful TESOL teacher.
Slovak, 23
My experience on the Trinity CertTESOL at TEFL in Spain was amazing. I've learned so much and I've really found myself as an English teacher thanks to this course and all the support we've received. This has been the best course I've attended so far and I'd recommend it for anybody who is thinking about teaching any kind of English classes.
German, 20
My experience on the Trinity CertTESOL at TEFL in Spain was intense but absolutely worth it! I've learnt a lot and feel prepared for the teaching world, thanks to the great support from Megan and Andy!
Australian, 37
My experience on the Trinity CertTESOL at TEFL in Spain was an extremely worthwhile and intense time that was rewarding, as I had never done anything studious before in my life!
English, 59
Enjoyable! I attended a  6 week course (Monday- Wednesday) Although one or two weeks were 'heavy', speaking to people who attended the previous 4 week course it was a lot less intense and gave me time to enjoy it.
Polish, 25
It has been one of the most intense experiences I have had a chance to experience so far in life, but it was definitely worth it! Throughout the course, I have developed both personally and professionally as a future teacher. The entire team, our tutors and peers were incredible and I wouldn’t have made it without them. They’ve provided us with all the essential tools that will enable us to start our new career. Thank you TEFL in Spain for everything! 🙂
British, 23
It was a very intense course and you have to dedicate a lot of time to it. At the end of the course you will realise how much you have improved and how much knowledge you have actually gained. It is so worth it!
Belgian, 58
It is just unbelievable that in only 4-weeks you can be equipped to start teaching. I would highly recommend this course as long as you are prepared to put in a lot of work and open your mind to the methodology, tools and techniques and don’t shy away from it all.
French, 25
My TEFL experience was the biggest challenge of my life. It is honestly really intense: be ready to put your mind and your soul into it! But let me tell you – it is worth it! You meet the most amazing people and you have someone to refer to if you are ever in doubt!
Welsh, 22
I thoroughly enjoyed my TEFL experience with TEFL in Spain. I did the 4-week course and it was intense. If I was to give advice, make sure you prepare yourself with how much work, studying and lesson planning you have to do. I highly recommend this course for someone who is ambitious and wants to become an English teacher!
Italian, 38
My experience on the Trinity CertTESOL at TEFL in Spain was great. I struggled to find enough time to finish my assignments, but once I got the rhythm I realized that I needed to be better organized.
Dutch, 26
My experience on the Trinity CertTESOL at TEFL in Spain was very intense! However, the tutors are really supportive and always ready to help you. If you are ready to give up sleep and your social life, go for it!
Belgian, 26
My experience on the Trinity CertTESOL at TEFL in Spain was intense! I barely had time to pause and think, which is funny because they make you reflect and constantly. I had that moment in class where I realized I love teaching, so it's definitely good to do the course in person. It was an experience that I will never forget, and I met some amazing people!
Barbadian, 24
My experience on the Trinity CertTESOL at TEFL in Spain was a very challenging and intense experience. I learned so much (in such a short space of time) and have finished feeling very prepared to enter the teaching world. If you're not ready for a lot of hard work this course is not for you.
Dutch, 48
My experience on the Trinity CertTESOL at TEFL in Spain was a great adventure. A rollercoaster of positive experiences and challenging tasks. TEFL in Spain is worth the effort. You start as a learner and finish as a real teacher. Thanks a Lot!
British, 37
My experience on the Trinity CertTESOL at TEFL in Spain was intensive, but worth it to help discover the sort of teacher I can be.
British, 31
They said it would be tough - and oh boy it was! Now there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I feel I have learned so much and the tutors were incredible. The accredited course was for sure worth the money! I also met a great group of people! You gain a lot of experience through real teaching practice and input sessions! You also get invaluable advice during the careers session on making a living as an English teacher and living abroad
Dutch, 32
Super intense! My peers, Course Director Megan and Course Trainer Andy were amazing! I wouldnt have made it without them! Besides this, I loved itI I have learned so much and I now feel prepared for real life teaching. Thank you so much for that!
Polish, 37
A Great once in a lifetime experience! Even though it was very intense at times it was also so worth it. It is amazing what a dedicated person can learn and accomplish in just 4 weeks. Thank you for making it possible! I also met the most beautiful girls - inside and out. I am so grateful for our friendship!
Dutch / British, 25
A whirlwind! It was the most intense and full-on four weeks of my life! The course is intense but enjoyable and I have learned a huge amount. I have also made friends for life here! The TEFL in Spain team are incerdibly helpful and supportive. Thank you Megan & Andy!
Dutch, 52
  A roller coaster ride, but so useful! I really developed into a teacher in just a month which was amazing! They advise you beforehand that it will be hard, and they mean it! There is little time for anything apart from studying a sleeping during the 4 weeks!
Canadian, 26
My experience on the Trinity CertTESOL at TEFL in Spain was a life-altering experience! You learn so many things - not just about teaching, education, culture, language but also about yourself. 10/10 would recommend to those looking for endless opportunities!
British, 21
My experience on the Trinity CertTESOL at TEFL in Spain was very interesting. I learned a lot about the preparation that goes into planning a lesson, how to execute a lesson and how to reflect on the lesson. The tutors were very down to earth. However, it was the most intense experience of my life.
Dutch, 25
My experience on the Trinity CertTESOL at TEFL in Spain was amazing! I learned many new things and this made me able to overcome personal boundaries. Even though it was intense, I had a very great time with the fellow students. During this course, everyone has been very helpful and pushed me to get this achievement.
British, 21
My experience on the Trinity  CertTESOL at TEFL in Spain was brilliant, it was very stressful but manageable. Overall a great experience!
Polish, 42
My experience on the Trinity CertTESOL as TEFL in Spain was very intensive, but it was definitely worth doing it. It was challenging, especially preparing the learners profile. On the other hand, I enjoyed the assessments of the unknown language & guided observation journal. Especially the unknown language made me realize how difficult it is to learn a foreign language from the beginning. It put me in the student's position. Thank you for this wonderful experience!
British, 31
My experience on the Trinity CertTESOL at TEFL in Spain was one I will never forget. It was one of the hardest challenges I have ever faced but with the amazing guidance and support given by the tutors it has turned out to be one of the best things I have ever done too.
British, 49
My experience on the Trinity CertTESOL at TEFL in Spain was really enjoyable and informative. The tutors were really supportive and helpful throughout. It was an inspiring experience that has helped me gain confidence in my abilities to teach
British, 55
My experience on the Trinity CertTESOL at TEFL in Spain was fantastic! The tutors are very experienced and make learning fun. The course is professional, informative and interactive. I would highly recommend this course and this school if you are thinking of doing a tefl qualification.
British, 36
My experience on the Trinity CertTESOL at TEFL in Spain was extremely enjoyable overall, it was a very challenging and intense course but very rewarding and interesting. The tutors were fantastic!
British, 25
I enjoyed the course and I am glad to be qualified. It provided excellent foundations for future teaching
With TEFL in Spain, you are getting some of the best teachers in the industry and a well thought-out curriculum. The part-time class was still intensive but it allowed a little more time for creativity with your lesson plans
Spanish, 19
My experience on the Trinity CertTESOL at TEFL in Spain was that I found it very helpful in building yourself professionally. It is a very demanding although rewarding course. I enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone.
There is no hiding the fact, this is a rigorous and tough course. You need to be sure you want to do this. Once on the course persevere! It is the key to success
British, 27
I have really enjoyed my time on the course. The course tutors were fantastic. Doing the course part-time was favourable to me and I have been happy with the structure of this.
Canadian, 41
My experience on the Trinity CertTESOL at TEFL in Spain was one of growth, gaining confidence in speaking to groups and awareness of the English language. I had never had any previous teaching experience, so this course was a good start for my teacher development!
Dutch, 27
My experience on the Trinity CertTESOL at TEFL in Spain was a rollercoaster! I've learned a lot, the teachers are good and I've taught different groups of students, which was a rich experience. The part-time course is very intensive; make sure you have good time management skills and work well together with your peers; they will be your family for two months!
German, 31
It was an intensive but very insightful and informative course. The input was valuable and the tutors were supportive and helpful. There was also a great practical component with Teacher Practice in the course.
American, 22
My experience of the Trinity CertTESOL at TEFL in Spain was a bit intense. It was a lot of work, but I ended up learning so much. I feel like a more confident teacher now and am glad I chose to do this course.
My experience on the Trinity CertTESOL at TEFL in Spain was extremely rewarding! I didn't have much time to experience Malaga but I certainly had time to learn a lot about myself. I love the new opportunities that will come my way with this certificate! Don't do anything else! Just focus on this course
Dutch, 27
It was an unforgettable experience! The course is very diverse and you really get out of your own comfort zone. You learn a lot about teaching, and also about yourself! I highly recommend this course!
British, 51
Very rewarding and allowed me to grow and develop as a teacher. Excellent professional trainers, always on hand for advice and assistance.
Pakistani, 32
I had a blast; always on the edge, waiting to be handed with more tasks and assignments. It kept me busy and motivated. I made the most awesome friends on the course and met great people, both staff and peers. Tefl in Spain has become a second home to me and THIS course was the best thing I have done in a very long time. I’d never in my life even considered becoming a Teacher, but within a couple of days I noticed a change in myself. It was unlike anything I’ve experienced before. My entire mood and presence in the school changed. I was energetic; I was undeniably passionate and dedicated to my work. My true character came to life like I’ve never seen before. I came alive while teaching classes. Those moments reaffirmed my love for English language, but above anything else, they helped me discover a hidden love of teaching and education that I never knew I had.
British, 48
I graduated from TEFL in Spain last April but had concerns as I had come from a non-teaching background. My experience of TEFL in Spain's Career Service was invaluable in helping me start my career here in Malaga. I tried for months alone to get myself working and yet within a day of discussing my situation with Esme and the school, was on the path to a new career and a new life as an English Teacher. The support and assistance they gave me was way beyond my expectations and I cannot thank them enough for the "jump-start" they gave my new career.
Danish, 18
My time on the TEFL course has been extremely educative, much more than I had ever imagined. I have been given the tools I need to work as a teacher anywhere in the world!
Albania, 30
The best experience ever! Challenging and demanding course but helpful and supportive tutors! Special thank you to the kind Esme!
British, 19
The course has been an incredible experience, and although stressful at times and a lot of work I have thoroughly enjoyed myself!
This has been a fantastic course and I am really pleased that I chose TEFL in Spain as my TEFL training provider. The quality of teaching was extremely high and having the opportunity to teach eight lessons during the course was invaluable to me and sets this course apart from other TEFL providers.
British, 29
I had the best 4 weeks! The course is intense and overwhelming at times but the tutors and staff at the school are so supportive. They support you through all stages of the course and make it enjoyable. I'd definitely recommend TEFL in Spain!
Dutch, 32
What I liked the most, was the versatility of the course. It was good because it gave me the feeling that teaching would be a nice versatile job. That is exactly what I need and this feeling made me more motivated and gave me more energy to cope with the workload.
British, 59
The 4-week course is intense, it is true, but the workload is manageable. However, you have to go for it and start the assignments immediately so you don't get behind
American, 24
The 4-week TEFL programme is an intense course, but it is an extremely valuable experience and does an excellent job preparing you for teaching English abroad!
British, 26
Though the course is intense, it is rewarding and something that I will always think of as a fond memory. I'm very grateful for the experience and it wasn't just the course, but the people that were part of it, that made it worth it.

The Netherlands, 19
Having done the course is one of the biggest achievements in my life. It is very demanding but incredibly rewarding! I loved doing it and look forward to keeping on working on my teaching development in the future. Going to TEFL in Spain has been one of the best decision I have ever made.

Romania, 32
The course was very intense, but I was ready for it and had been made aware of what to expect prior to the course. At the end of the day the hard work was all worth it! The trainers were awesome and were always helpful. I would definitely recommend this course. Malaga was a great location, I met great people and had a great experience!

UK, 48
The course was certainly an eye opener to the world of teaching. Even though the workload was intense, it was well worth the hard work. The people are absolutely fantastic at TEFL in Spain – full of advice, always there to help and often throw in a bad joke! The feedback from the trainers was crucial for my own development as a teacher. It has certainly been fun!

USA, 26 I learned how to teach English to Trinity standard while having some of the most fun ever! I have made great friends, worked my butt off and have become a confident English teacher!

UK, 24
TEFL in Spain is a wonderful way in to the world of teaching. The workload was overwhelming at times but also achievable if you set your mind to it. The trainers were experienced and had a lot of passion. The staff and students create a welcoming environment and are always there to help. I feel like I have a great foundation to start with and would do it all over again!

UK, 20
I loved the course. It was so much fun, and I really enjoyed it. The trainers were always helpful and supportive, and the input sessions were relevant but also enjoyable.

USA, 22 Getting TEFL certified in one month was a lot of work, but I am so thankful for my experience at TEFL in Spain! The trainers were helpful and gave great input sessions and feedback. I feel very prepared to jump into an English teaching career and keep learning and developing as a teacher.

UK, 23 TEFL in Spain was amazing! You learn so much and really develop as a teacher. I started the course with no prior teaching experience at all and 4-weeks later I’d taught 7 lessons and felt confident in the classroom. The course is intense, but it was worth it. The staff were fabulous and offered so much support - and you meet the best people!

USA, 23 Taking the TEFL in Spain course has been a great step for my career as a teacher. I was introduced to so many tools and resources for not only teaching but also networking and job hunting. The staff were always helpful.  Big thanks to the team in Malaga!

The Netherlands, 28
It is a lot of work and you need to structure your days to survive! If you sign up for the full-time course you won`t have time to be a perfectionist so be prepared. I would advise you to bring your mindfulness exercises with you and as long as you keep breathing you can have a lot of fun! You will learn a lot on this course and meet some amazing people. There is always Spanish wine to help you along your way!
Spain, 18
This was a very impactful course with plenty of knowledge covered in a short period of time. The course as mentioned is intense and you will need to gather all the skills you have to keep up with the assignments. That being said, the staff are always there to help you complete everything in the time you have. The course has been incredible and a recommendable experience!
Nigeria, 30
The course was quite intense, however I had amazing help from Esme, Megan and Charles. I was definitely very grateful for the week break in the course! The experience is a rollercoaster ride so you need to be dedicated and give yourself the time required to complete the course.
Poland, 23
Great experience - intense, but well worth it! I would particularly recommend it to those interested in teaching in Spain afterwards!
Irish, 38
I feel like we were warned well in advance how intense this course was going to be, so I was prepared to give up my life for a month and work really hard. I enjoyed the course and feel like doing it over 5 weeks rather than 4 really helped me manage the workload. I would advise anyone who thinks they may struggle with the intensity of the course to also consider the 8-week part-time option.
USA, 30
The TEFL course was a lot of work. I spent more time on preparing my classes and my homework that I used to spend at my full-time job! I learned so much though!
USA, 23
It is one of the most intense things I have done in my life but also one of the most rewarding!
tefl spain
Portugal, 24
I absolutely loved it! Lots of hard work, but if you are really serious about teaching, this is the place to be! The tutors and the staff are lovely. Definitely recommended!
tefl spain
Canada, 48
It was an amazing experience. It was very intense although we didn’t have much free time. It was 8 hours of work at the TEFL in Spain training centre and then additional hours at home including weekends. The quality of the input sessions was very high and the trainers are highly qualified and helpful. The administrative staff were all amazing and very supportive too. I feel like I have spent a full year doing this course and have learnt a lot and I am very grateful for the experience.
tefl malaga
Britain, 44
This is a tough course with regards to workload. It is totally worth it though. The trainers know what they are doing and they have nothing but pearls and wisdom to offer (you might not always like it, but you will always benefit from what they have to say). I would champion TEFL in Spain always!
celta spain
Britain, 50
Nobody can explain how intense this course is. It is extremely intense and very demanding but the whole TEFL in Spain team are incredible and very supportive. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and have had the pleasure of meeting some truly incredible people – friends for life!
celta malaga
Scottish, 29
This was the hardest, most intense course I have ever done but it was made up of group of amazing people. On the first day we created a whatsapp group so that we could communicate throughout the month and support each other. The location of TEFL in Spain was great and the experience was also great. I am so glad I did it!
celta malaga
USA, 51
The course is a full-time commitment so don’t expect lots of free time to see Malaga! You will leave this course having gained immensely and have some incredible new friends.
tefl spain
Dennis Bos
Dutch, 36
I really enjoyed the course. It was a lot of work, but if you keep up to date with the assignments you will be fine. Discipline is the keyword here. Our group was fantastic and I met great people! Malaga is a great city. At first I wasn’t sure about the course or if I would have the skills to be a teacher but the guidance of the tutors was fantastic and I am happy I did the course now. I am able to do many things, of which I thought I could not do.
Tim Wheelwright
British, 37
I have just successfully completed the TEFL in Spain part-time course in Malaga. I have really enjoyed the course. It has been extremely challenging juggling a young family, new puppy and the course. For those reasons I would recommend the part-time course to anyone in similar circumstances. The teaching practice has been very useful for my new career in TEFL. Finally, the tutors have been great and always willing to help out! Thanks TEFL in Spain.
Dutch, 60
I was warned that it would be hard work. Nothing can really prepare you for the tasks, assignments and deadlines – but if you keep on track with it all from the beginning it is an experience you will not forget.
German, 22
I have never got to know a group of people so well in such a short period of time. It is the group of trainees and the trainers that pull you through all of the ups and downs that you experience on the TEFL course. The ups are the feelings that you have just after teaching – when you realise the students have really learnt something from you! The downs are the evenings when you just want to go home and sleep and digest everything that you have taken in, instead of staying up late to finish your journal. It is an intense experience but you will get so much out of it!
British, 37
I thoroughly enjoyed the TEFL course in Malaga, Spain. The course was way more intense than I expected. If I did it again I would be more energised!  
Paul O’Connell
British, 60
First class learning experience. A lot to take in but once done the information you have acquired will set you on your way to great experiences in the teaching world. Thoroughly recommended!  
Kolesi Mwasikakata
Malawian, 24
Everyone was very nice but the course was really intense and demanding but also very rewarding at the same time. Time management is key!  
Nicola Armstrong
Irish, 20
This course is a lot of work but it is enjoyable and rewarding. You need to be willing to put in the work.
Simon Firth
British, 54
This course is not for the faint hearted! If you are determined to gain the knowledge that will set you on your path of teaching English as a vocation then this course is it. If you are taking the course to teach while on vacation then think again. “Tough” doesn’t do it justice! 100% dedication is needed for this course.  
Baillee Jones
Australian, 19
An experience of a lifetime! I gained plenty of new friends whilst gaining my TESOL certificate – a win-win situation. Everyone was so friendly and supportive and the experience gained was definitely worthwhile. I would do it all over again just for the experience!  
Taina Tarr
British, 22
The 4-week TEFL course is intensive but rewarding. You will learn a great deal however be prepared to say goodbye to your social life. You will make lots of friends and the weather is a plus in Malaga! I recommend that you join the course at TEFL in Spain as it will be worth it!  
Charlie Walker
British, 25
I really enjoyed the course. I have learned so much these last few weeks that will help me in the future as an English teacher. You will have plenty of work to keep you busy but you will make many friends along the way!  
Mirjam Waleson
Dutch, 24
If you are ready this now to get an idea of the course then I tell you now, you wont! Make sure you feel well and you have nothing else in your head apart from the will to teach! Then you need to just go there and let it happen!  
Michela Rossi
Italian, 32
I knew this course was intense, but I didn’t expect such a big work load! I honestly thought at times that i couldn’t do it, but TEFL prepares you for this so never give up! Great experience!  
Monique Lubbers
Dutch, 48
By now you will have read and heard the stories from the trainees saying “It’s like nothing you’ve ever done before! It is extremely stressful and you need to stop your life while doing the course”! It is all true and it is not something that anyone can prepare you for. If you are serious about a teaching career than I advise you come and get on the roller-coaster!  
Michelle de Gouveia
South African, 51
Malaga! Sun, sea and sand. Wow! What an absolutely great course! TEFL in Spain in Malaga was just the right place for me to have gained my TEFL certificate. The course was very intense (even as a part-time course), but every minute was worth it.  The teaching practice sessions were a very valuable part of the course. I would recommend the being done specifically at TEFL in Spain to everyone.  
Sara J. Lopez Abad
Spanish, 20
Even though it was quite stressful it has been one of the best experiences I have had in my life. The trainers were great! They were always supportive and attentive. I couldn’t have asked for better peers either as they were always cheerful, helpful and supportive. I have made friends for life on this course. I have not only become a teacher but I have also grown as a person. On the course there was such a variety of nationalities, cultures, ages and points of view. This was amazing to be able to share this experience with beautiful and interesting people. I am really sad that it is over and that I have to say goodbye to a lot of people.  
Katerina Balnarova
Czech, 25
You need to be very honest with yourself if you want to become an English teacher. Are you ready to sacrifice your life for 4 weeks? If yes, then this is the best course you can do! It is hard, it is intense, you will cry, you will laugh…but it is totally worth it!  
Carys Rowles
Welsh, 23
The TEFL course in Malaga, Spain is incredibly intense, but I met some amazing people and together we had great memories, lots of laughs and everyone was so supportive. You really have to forget your life for 4 weeks, but at the end, you realise how far you have all come and how much you have all achieved in such a short period of time.  
Raquel Esteban
Spanish, 27
Hello future TEFL trainees! As a survivor I would like to tell you to be prepared. The amount of work that is required during this course is something I would never have imagined, but the course and teachers are very good!  
Thilak Kaluarchchi
Sri Lankan, 31
It is a really amazing course! The TEFL course in Malaga, Spain changed my life! I learnt a lot during the course. Personally for me, this was the first time I had experienced working be able to work and mix with so many different people and friends. It was a great opportunity for me to learn and study.  
Sue Dobinson
54, British
It has been a very positive experience overall. I have met so many really beautiful people both staff and peers. It has been challenging and intense. In the main it has been absolutely exhilarating!  
Nuša Vremšak
TEFL in Spain was one of the best experiences in my life. They didn’t lie when they said it’s intense, but in the end it’s more than just worthwhile! The whole TEFL team is very nice and supportive, providing you all the information you need. I really recommend this course to anyone who wants to become an English teacher. Thank you again
Matilda Marshall
My month in Malaga studying the TEFL course has been one of the busiest, most intense and BEST of my life. I can’t begin to explain how all-consuming it is and how much I got out of it. There was no part of my time that wasn’t entirely occupied. The teachers, the staff, the IT guy – everyone is here to provide support, and better, up for a laugh. I’ve made some lifelong friends and started the my career with a bang. I couldn’t recommend it any more. ALL the love in the world for these people!!  
Wendy Sheldon
South Africa
Oh my soul!!! I have just been assessed by the moderator from Trinity College! I passed *happy dance* and am now an accredited Trinity CertTesol Level 5 Teacher of English as a Foreign Language!!! One month of intense teaching, lesson plans, one on one guidance and surviving on 4 hours of sleep!!! yes sooooo worth it! Thinking of a life changing event? Come to TEFL in Spain!!! Thanks to the amazing team here in Malaga!!!!!