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TEFL in Spain Graduate – Teaching Online!

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Name: Charley Olivia O’Neill,

Age: 21

Nationality: British

Charley Olivia O’Neill, an ex-graduate of TEFL in Spain, did the course at TEFL in Spain last year and is now working as an online teacher! To get a better insight into this relatively new trend, we held an interview with her and got a better outlook on the online teaching world.
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What were you doing before your Trinity CertTESOL Course in Malaga?:

I was working for an electrical company here in Spain as a translator and interpreter for the boss.

What was your overall experience on the Trinity CertTESOL Course at TEFL in Spain?:

I honestly loved every minute of it. I made so many friends!
Everyone on my course I got on with and it was brilliant.

I learned so much in such a short space of time it was incredible! I would do it all again tomorrow if I could.

How well did the Careers Service prepare you for teaching?

The careers service prepared me very well for teaching! I love that we all had the on-going support of Esme even 6 months after finishing the course!

Where are you currently workingimage blog

I am currently teaching at a Chinese company called ‘DaDa ABC’.                                     It is an online teaching job where you teach from the comfort of your own home!

Moreover, I work at an English academy in Caleta as well. After I finish at 15:00 at DaDa ABC, I go there and teach to young Spanish children.

What are the positives of teaching online?

So many! Firstly, when you teach online, you don’t have to get up and rush around when you are teaching. It can all take place from the comfort of your chair behind your desk. You will be amazed on how relaxing it is to teach online in the familiar environment from your own home.

Secondly, you can choose your own work schedule! This means that you can be flexible in combining the teaching work with other jobs. You can take holidays whenever you want and if you don’t want to miss out on working, you can just take your tefl job with you on your trips! Mobility is one of the main advantages of online teaching. You don’t have to waste fuel or mileage on your car every day. This is not only environmentally friendly, but you will also stop losing time in your day because of commuting.

Thirdly, as you teach Chines children you can learn more about their culture.  It is different than normal teaching in your direct environment and you can enrich your own work experiences.

Lastly, you don’t have to prepare lessons as they provide pre-made lesson plans!

What advice would you give new teachers interested in teaching online?


If you have a strong internet connection, a little desk with a chair and can stick a world map up on the wall behind you than you are ready to go.

With my company (DaDaAbc) you can earn up to £15 an hour and there are so many more companies you can choose from.

It’s honestly a no-brainer for me.

Could you add any further relevant information that may be of use?

Unfortunately, the website DaDaAbc does not accept non-native English teachers. As it is based in Asia, where it is not illegal yet, they are allowed to do this. There are job opportunities in Asia for non-native teachers in online teaching but they will be harder to find. You will also be required to have finished a Bachelor degree of any kind.

The average working hours at DaDaABC are 15 hours per week, planned in between 6 pm and 9pm Shanghai time every day.

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