TEFL in Spain’s Career Service was invaluable!

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TEFL in Spain’s Career Service was invaluable!

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Carl Hance

British, 48 

I graduated from TEFL in Spain last April and, after what was an extremely intensive period of learning and gaining my accredited Trinity Certificate in TESOL, I decided to take my CV around to the various Academies in Malaga and the surrounding areas.

Careers Service

I had come from a non-teaching background and was well aware that my CV listed extensive experience in a non-teaching related industry. Aside from my newly gained Trinity Certificate in TESOL, I was well aware that my lack of actual teaching experience was apparent on my CV and yet, determined, I sent them out in the dozens.
I heard nothing, for months I would take my CV and certificate around to dozens of academies only to hear very little back. Time dragged on and I began to question just what an ex-media person was going to do with a CV littered with non-relevant experience and yet, be unable to gain any relevant experience – I was caught in that ‘Catch-22’ situation and began to feel despondent in my efforts to secure ongoing teaching work here in Andalucia.

In desperation I returned to “TEFL in Spain” early in 2018 to ask them if they had any ideas on what I could do to improve my credibility and chances of working as a teacher professionally. By the end of my first meeting with Esme at my Careers Service interview, I came away with a newly written CV, cover letter and reference, however more importantly – it was arranged for me to come back into the school and teach further lessons for a week as a qualified teacher. In return for these valuable hours of experience, I was then put on to a further one-day Teacher Development Course in the area of teaching Grammar with the Course Director Megan which again, furthered the experience I was so eager to attain.


By the end of my week, I had several more hours teaching experience at a professional academy to add to my CV as well as a further qualification – a win-win situation as far as I was concerned. I also had access to the online TEFL jobsites and within two weeks of completing this further teaching experience at the school, I had a job interview for a position at an academy in Malaga.

I got the job and subsequently am now working professionally as a teacher. This was within a month of questioning whether I had any hope of working in this part of the world in my newly chosen career. During my job-interview, it was duly noted that upon completion of my TESOL Certificate from TEFL in Spain, I then went back for further experience at the school and it was this ‘hands-on’, teaching experience that put me in a position to be considered as a credible, enthusiastic teacher. My experience of TEFL in Spain’s Careers Service was invaluable in helping me start my career here in Malaga. I tried for months alone to get myself working and yet within a day of discussing my situation with Esme and the school, was on the path to a new career and a new life as an English Teacher. The support and assistance they gave me was way beyond my expectations and I cannot thank them enough for the “jump-start” they gave my new career.

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I hope to continue my relationship with TEFL in Spain long into the future as I see them not only as the place that gave me the opportunity to learn to be a teacher, but as a companion and friend in my new career and life as a working English teacher here in Malaga.

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