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Graduate Testimonials

It has been one of the most intense experiences I have had a chance to experience so far in life, but it was definitely worth it! Throughout the course, I have developed both personally and professionally as a future teacher. The entire team, our tutors and peers were incredible and I wouldn’t have made it without them. They’ve provided us with all the essential tools that will enable us to start our new career. Thank you TEFL in Spain for everything!

Polish, 25

They said it would be tough – and oh boy it was! Now there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I feel I have learned so much and the tutors were incredible. The accredited course was for sure worth the money! I also met a great group of people! You gain a lot of experience through real teaching practice and input sessions! You also get invaluable advice during the careers session on making a living as an English teacher and living abroad

British, 31

My experience on the Trinity CertTESOL at TEFL in Spain was a life-altering experience! You learn so many things – not just about teaching, education, culture, language but also about yourself. 10/10 would recommend to those looking for endless opportunities!

Canadian, 26

My experience on the Trinity CertTESOL as TEFL in Spain was very intensive, but it was definitely worth doing it. It was challenging, especially preparing the learners profile. On the other hand, I enjoyed the assessments of the unknown language & guided observation journal. Especially the unknown language made me realize how difficult it is to learn a foreign language from the beginning. It put me in the student’s position. Thank you for this wonderful experience!

Polish, 42

My experience on the Trinity CertTESOL at TEFL in Spain was one I will never forget. It was one of the hardest challenges I have ever faced but with the amazing guidance and support given by the tutors it has turned out to be one of the best things I have ever done too.

British, 31

I did the Blended 6-week course (first part online, second part face-to-face). It was intense (late nights, early mornings), but very interesting and rewarding. I truly learned a lot. The teachers are very good and friendly (a special thanks to my tutors Susan, Megan and Iza). I specifically liked the blended course, because we got the opportunity to do both online (on Zoom) and face-to-face teacher practice with real and very nice students. The academy in Malaga is lovely and the staff is very helpful. Although it is a demanding course, I really enjoyed it. Miriam (the director) is very kind and helpful. So I highly recommend this course/academy!
Fransie Groenendijk


A Great once in a lifetime experience! Even though it was very intense at times it was also so worth it. It is amazing what a dedicated person can learn and accomplish in just 4 weeks. Thank you for making it possible! I also met the most beautiful girls – inside and out. I am so grateful for our friendship!

Polish, 37

My experience on the Trinity CertTESOL at TEFL in Spain was really enjoyable and informative. The tutors were really supportive and helpful throughout. It was an inspiring experience that has helped me gain confidence in my abilities to teach

British, 49

My experience on the Trinity CertTESOL at TEFL in Spain was one of growth, gaining confidence in speaking to groups and awareness of the English language. I had never had any previous teaching experience, so this course was a good start for my teacher development!

Canadian, 41

My experience on the Trinity CertTESOL at TEFL in Spain was one of growth, gaining confidence in speaking to groups and awareness of the English language. I had never had any previous teaching experience, so this course was a good start for my teacher development!


Dutch, 27

It was an intensive but very insightful and informative course. The input was valuable and the tutors were supportive and helpful. There was also a great practical component with Teacher Practice in the course.

German, 31

I had a blast; always on the edge, waiting to be handed with more tasks and assignments. It kept me busy and motivated. I made the most awesome friends on the course and met great people, both staff and peers. Tefl in Spain has become a second home to me and THIS course was the best thing I have done in a very long time. I’d never in my life even considered becoming a Teacher, but within a couple of days I noticed a change in myself. It was unlike anything I’ve experienced before. My entire mood and presence in the school changed. I was energetic; I was undeniably passionate and dedicated to my work. My true character came to life like I’ve never seen before. I came alive while teaching classes. Those moments reaffirmed my love for English language, but above anything else, they helped me discover a hidden love of teaching and education that I never knew I had.

Pakistani, 32

My experience on the Trinity CertTESOL at TEFL in Spain was intense but absolutely worth it! I’ve learnt a lot and feel prepared for the teaching world, thanks to the great support from Megan and Andy!

German, 20

My experience on the Trinity CertTESOL at TEFL in Spain was an extremely worthwhile and intense time that was rewarding, as I had never done anything studious before in my life!

Australian, 37

I have just completed my Trinity CertTESOL certificate (10 week blended). I would definitely recommend Tefl in Spain to anyone seeking a career in teaching English!
Though challenging at times, I have thoroughly enjoyed the entire course. The training has been first class and the tutors and staff extremely supportive.
The centre in Malaga has a friendly and welcoming feel to it, with bright and spacious classrooms to teach in.
A big thumbs up all round!
Daniel Sparey


It is just unbelievable that in only 4-weeks you can be equipped to start teaching. I would highly recommend this course as long as you are prepared to put in a lot of work and open your mind to the methodology, tools and techniques and don’t shy away from it all.

Belgian, 58

I completed the Online Blended Trinity CertTESOL at TEFL in Spain in September. This has been a difficult year, but I’m grateful the school was able to adapt the schedule and allow for us to complete the course. I really appreciate the tutors, especially Megan, for great support and guidance. My growth as a teacher was more than expected. Thank you again.
Matthew Roehl


I took the Online Trinity CertTESOL and it truly was one of a kind experience and I’m more than happy that I took part in it! It was very demanding but totally worth it! Met so many wonderful people – both tutors and trainees. I am definitely recommending this course provider if you are looking to advance your career in teaching!
Sava Vuchkov


My experience on the Trinity CertTESOL at TEFL in Spain was intense! I barely had time to pause and think, which is funny because they make you reflect and constantly. I had that moment in class where I realized I love teaching, so it’s definitely good to do the course in person. It was an experience that I will never forget, and I met some amazing people!

Belgian, 26

My TEFL experience was the biggest challenge of my life. It is honestly really intense: be ready to put your mind and your soul into it! But let me tell you – it is worth it! You meet the most amazing people and you have someone to refer to if you are ever in doubt!

French, 25

I thoroughly enjoyed my TEFL experience with TEFL in Spain. I did the 4-week course and it was intense. If I was to give advice, make sure you prepare yourself with how much work, studying and lesson planning you have to do. I highly recommend this course for someone who is ambitious and wants to become an English teacher!

Welsh, 22

I very much enjoyed my 5 week TEFL course. Whilst there was a lot of hard work to do in terms of assignments and teaching practice preparation, I found time to enjoy most of the sightseeing highlights of Málaga, including the castle, a boat tour and various tapas bars! I would definitely encourage anyone considering teaching to give it a try, especially as you receive a huge amount of support and guidance from the staff here! I particularly enjoyed the opportunities to teach English and practise speaking Spanish with my new Spanish friends, who I met during my teaching practice sessions.



It was a very intense course but totally worth it. The support received during and after the course was invaluable. Do it!


French, 33

The course was really intense, but enjoyable at the same time. I’ve learned new and interesting things about teaching, and I also gained new friends. This course builds your passion for teaching. I advise everyone interested in being a teacher to do it. The hard work will reward you!

Italian, 26

When beginning my Trinity CertTESOL course I didn’t know what to expect and was secretly hoping for 5 weeks of summer. Although we had time to enjoy the beach and unwind in lovely Malaga – The course did push me out of my comfort zone. Nearer the end of the course, the workload was tough but manageable if kept on top of the assignments. Despite the ups and downs I really enjoyed this course and it has taught me alot about myself and the English language. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in languages, teaching and travel. The transferable skills you learn make this course an amazing opportunity for all.

New Zealander / Dutch, 26

I enjoyed this 5-week course more than I expected. Beforehand, I was a bit sceptical if it would be challenging enough (since I have a PhD and work experience) but I really learned a lot, really developed myself professionally and benefitted so much from all the feedback. This course is varied, intense, catered to specific needs and I felt encouraged to do my best. I gained much content knowledge and developed relevant teaching skills. Now, I feel confident to start a new career as an English Teacher. I’d really recommend this course. The tutors go above and beyond their call of duty to do their best for everyone.

Dutch, 36

Absolutely lovely. I must admit that I wasn’t sure what to expect from it at the beginning but it’s given me an irreplaceable memory. The teachers have been supportive and helpful throughout the whole course and the other trainees were lovely people dedicated to teaching. If I had to, I would do this all over again without a second thought.

Spanish, 27

Very interesting but at the same time very rewarding. I have learned so much. I am ready to start my new career as an English teacher with the tools and knowledge to succeed. The teachers were very supportive and encouraging at all times. Yes, it was intense but a lot of fun too!

Italian, 55

My experience on the Trinity CertTESOL at TEFL in Spain was amazing. I’ve learned so much and I’ve really found myself as an English teacher thanks to this course and all the support we’ve received. This has been the best course I’ve attended so far and I’d recommend it for anybody who is thinking about teaching any kind of English classes.

Slovak, 23

Make no mistake about it, even the part-time course is very intense and will require you to stretch way beyond your comfort zone to expand your skills, ability, and knowledge. Make sure you stay on track and don’t fall behind. Some feedback will feel like salt on a raw wound but that’s a necessity if you want to move forward. I recognize I was a bit of a recalcitrant student but if your question is: was it worth it? Absolutely! Tutors are fantastic and can’t thank them enough. Amazing experience. Go for it!

Italian, 46



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