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My name is Alice, and I am from Rubiana, a small mountain town near Turin, Italy. I completed my Trinity CertTESOL in February 2021 at TEFL in Spain. I would love to tell you about my experience during and after the course.

Well, where to start?

How did I end up in Malaga?

I moved to Malaga in July 2020 for work reasons as I am a flight attendant. I just felt in love with this city and the positive vibes and memories that make Malaga special for me! Because of the pandemic, my job was affected and since I was going to be laid off, I decided to stay in Malaga and to finally do something I had been thinking about for long time. It was the best moment to start this course, and I am so glad I found TEFL in Spain.

What convinced me to do the Trinity CertTESOL?

I did a lot of research about the TEFL Certificate, as online you can find so many different options. Two reasons convinced me: the certificate is officially accredited by Trinity College London, and most importantly the live teaching practice, as it was the first time for me in the teaching field.

Teaching practice lessons gave me the chance to explore classroom teaching and gain more confidence when teaching in a “real” class. It was a great opportunity to learn and to improve how to plan a lesson, how to develop it, and how to engage with students.

Which course did I sign up for?

I did the 5-week face-to-face course with 3 more colleagues. Yes, when they told you it will be intense, believe them! But even if it was intense and challenging, I had a great experience and I’d like to thank my “classmates”, Megan and Sean for their support! I met amazing people with different stories and experiences to learn from.

It was not only professional development, but personal growth. I had to face many challenges, but this was for sure another great and positive experience in my life.

Where am I now?

Well, after the course I was supposed to go back to Ireland, but guess what? I am still in Malaga!!!

I got this great opportunity to do an internship here in at Malaga Lenguas and TEFL in Spain and of course I was more than happy to be part of this amazing team.

Right now, I am teaching the A2 and B2 groups in the morning. I am getting more and more confident, and I have an amazing A2 group that makes me love this job. When teaching, in my lessons, I like to add a personal element, and I like to engage with students and make them feel comfortable.

Teaching is not standing in front of a class and giving information, I discovered a new way of teaching, where it is important to engage with the students, to be creative, to involve the students. The best way to learn a language is to practice!

I am really enjoying my time here in Malaga and at Malaga Lenguas and TEFL in Spain. I got more time to get to know everybody working here, time that I didn’t have during the course (remember, I told you it is intense ????). All of them are experienced teachers and every day I learn something from them! So, all the difficulties I had during the course are now rewarded with this amazing opportunity!

Finally, I can only recommend this course and especially TEFL in Spain. If you are thinking about an English teacher career, this would be the best place to start.

What’s better than an unforgettable experience in Malaga while studying and building your future as English teacher?!









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