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Meet Josh Cryer, who is 32 and from the UK. He got certified with his Trinity CertTESOL after
completing an Online Blended course at TEFL in Spain in August-September 2020 and is now teaching English online.

What made you decide to take the Online Blended course?

Between Oct 2017 – Jun 2020 I spent 3 school years as an English Language Assistant in Spain.
After my final year, and following a cancelled Assistantship to Chile, I decided to complete a 10-
week Online Blended course with TEFL in Spain for the Trinity CertTESOL.

What were you doing before your TEFL course?

Before the course I was already teaching online as it was a good way to work during the holidays
and to supplement my work in Spain.

What are you doing now?

Now, I am working for EF English Live online as an English teacher and am currently looking for
other online work. There is a lot out there so it is not difficult to find a job but it is hard to find the
right job for me if I want to move on to better work.

What do you like about teaching online?

What I like with teaching online is that often you can find a flexible schedule. With some companies
you need to work unsociable hours but with EF, though the pay is poor compared to them, it is very
flexible, the lessons are of a fairly high standard and very easy to follow and I can work when I
want (during the day, at weekends, evenings etc.).

What advice would you give to teachers hesitating about teaching online?

If you are hesitating about starting your career as an Online English Teacher I have one thing to
say: go for it! Don’t dive into the first thing you find, but do look around, apply, be confident, take
courses on  FutureLearn  and look at  Youtube tutorials about Zoom and other platforms, check
Glassdoor and Indeed reviews. But most of all, once you get the online job, enjoy it! It can be quite
gratifying to get hold of regular students and help them progress, just like in a real classroom –
except this time, they might be on the other side of the world. Also, be patient; because if they are
in a non-English speaking country, their progression is likely to be slower than it would be in the
US, UK, Australia etc.

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