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Name: Natalie

Age: 22

Nationality: British

Background – What were you doing before the TEFL course?

Before the TEFL course, I was working as an English language assistant. As an assistant, I didn’t get many opportunities to really utilise myself as a resource in the classroom. I was ready for more responsibility and the opportunity to take the next step to further my career.

Why did you choose TEFL in Spain?

I was already based in Malaga before I did the TEFL course, so I got the chance to come in and meet the course leaders beforehand. I was initially unsure about what I wanted so I only came in for a chat to discuss my options. However, after meeting the tutors and seeing their enthusiasm along with all the amazing opportunities out there, I was completely sold on doing the Trinity CertTESOL course.

What was your first week like on your TEFL course?

The first week of the course was so exciting. You get to meet the people that you will grow to become good friends with through the duration of the course, as well as start making progress immediately. The first assignment starts during the first week and it is without a doubt the most interesting assignment: The Unknown Language Journal. A fully immersive language learning experience enables you to understand the process from a learners’ perspective before you are tasked with teaching in this exact way. It is a great introductory week of the course which eases you in nicely to the challenges that will follow.

What was your overall experience on the TEFL course?

I loved my TEFL experience. It was as every bit intense as I had been warned about, but equally as rewarding and fun. Doing a full-time course feels like you are in a bubble for 5 weeks. It can be overwhelming at times, but the course tutors are always available to give you any advice and support you might need. Completing the course opens you up to so many opportunities worldwide and you are able to see yourself grow personally and professionally in such short space of time.

If anyone is considering doing a TEFL course, I would absolutely recommend it and I would encourage you to do it at TEFL in Spain. If I could give any piece of advice to new trainees or anyone considering this course, it would be to be prepared. This course will test you. It is intense and challenging, but it is so worth it. As long as you keep on top of your workload and don’t give in to procrastination, it’s manageable. The opportunities that become available to you are incredible, and I can guarantee that you won’t regret it.

Where will you go from here and what are your future plans?

There are so many worldwide opportunities that come with this course, the difficult task is just choosing one! From now, I would love to gain experience in a wide variety of teaching settings and continue to hone down my own teaching style. In the future, I might travel and teach around the world as there are so many opportunities available to me now. Regardless of what I go on to do next, I know that I will always have this qualification and the support of the tutors at TEFL in Spain to provide support, and I’m excited to see where this qualification will take me.

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