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By Melanie Deering (Canadian). Winner of The Suzanne Furstner Foundation Scholarship 2018.

Are you interested in taking a TEFL course and don’t know where to go or what you experience as a TEFL student? Well, you came to the right BLOG as I will give you the ins-and-outs of my personal experience taking the accredited TESOL course in Malaga at TEFL in Spain.

Week 2:
So, to tell you a bit about week two on the full-time accredited Trinity CertTESOL course. It was a fast-paced second week with little to no free time in between assignments and lesson plans! Thankfully, we had a 10-day break coming up due to Feria de Malaga! This was a great opportunity to catch up on unfinished work and soak up the Spanish sun!

In the second week we:

  • taught 2 live classes of an hour each to the adult learners (levels elementary and advanced).
  • completed a self-evaluation of our own teaching
  • worked on lesson planning, lesson planning and more lesson planning!
  • had input sessions on Phonology & Phonetics
  • learned about language awareness
  • prepared for our mid-course tutorials
  • completed our 1-2-1 assessment of our Spanish learner (Learner Profile – part one)

Lesson Planning:

Before teaching, we plan our lessons using a structured lesson plan, course books and guidance from our Trainers on the course. On the Trinity CertTESOL course you follow Jason Anderson’s CAP approach. The model includes three core stages; Context, Analysis and Practice, with an optional fourth stage, Evaluation, depending on the lesson type.

Teaching Practice:

This involves teaching a live class to Spanish learners (at A2 – elementary & B2 – advanced level) for 60 minutes.

“The Spanish students were very welcoming and a joy to teach,

It was an amazing experience!”

After teaching we always complete a self-evaluation form on either our own teaching or one of our peers who we observed. It was great to reflect on how we thought we did in the classroom setting. Also having the opinion of our peers meant we got a better insight and a broader view. The overall evaluation of the class is then delivered by the Course Trainer.  This is a written evaluation that helps you better understand where you could improve and highlights what you did well! In the end of the evaluation session, you are told weather you passed or failed the lesson.

Guided Preparation:

Luckily, during the course there are always Guided Preparation sessions where you can sit down with your Trainers and ask them to review your lesson plans and materials before you teach. These sessions are so important and attending them is paramount to passing the course!

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Want to know what happens in week 3? Check out the next blog!

Interested in taking the Trinity CertTESOL course in Malaga? Check out our course dates here!

The Suzanne Furstner Foundation funds an annual scholarship enabling aspiring TEFL teachers from all the world to take a training course. The Suzanne Furstner Foundation supports language and educational training across the world and was set up in 2006 in memory of Suzanne. 

For more information you can visit their website here.

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